Home BoZWelcome at BiogasJG B.V., which has been established in 2014 as a limited company in The Netherlands. It supports biogas producers in managing their desulphurisation process and improving their methane production. BiogasJG supplies additives that can be supplied directly into the digester as well as products and equipment that can desulphurise the biogas as an end-of-pipe solution. With the support of their partner laboratories, biological analysis can be done, and advice can be provided to improve the biological process in order to increase the methane production. 



In cooperation with partners, BiogasJG B.V. can also provide (small scale) anaerobic digesters and parts of the anaerobic digester system or gas cleaning systems, such as for example dry scrubber systems or filters with activated carbon or other media.

Our warehouse and production facility is based in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. Our main focus is on Europe and The Americas, but can provide solutions to companies all over the globe. We try to be either a "one-stop-shop" or even a "personal shopper" if we have to to be able to satisfy your needs. Please feel free to contact us.