JG Multimix FWTrace elements are chemical elements whose concentration (or other measure of amount) is very low (a "trace amount"). They are classified into two groups; essential and non-essential. Essential trace elements are needed for many physiological and biochemical processes in plants, animals, humans and bacteria. Not only do trace elements play a role in biological processes but they also serve as catalysts to engage in oxidation and reduction mechanisms. 

In biochemistry, an essential trace element is a dietary element that is needed in very minute quantities for the proper growth, development, and physiology of the organism. The dietary elements or essential trace elements are those that are required to perform vital metabolic activities in organisms. In other words, bacteria need trace elements to stay healthy. Therefore, it is important to monitor the health of the biology in your digester. With the support of biologist, experts in digestions, you can analyse the digestate to discover what is lacking in your biological system. Think of it as a blood test with humans... based on the results, a doctor could advise you to take certain additives, for example pills, to improve your health… A healthy diet is in most cases the best solution, but a digester can hardly every choose its own diet.

BiogasJG can make a bespoke trace element solution based on the advice of our own biologist or based on the advice of someone else. We are not in the market to compete on biological services itself and we are flexible on the source of the advice. The bespoke solutions are made-to-order.

We also can supply you our own mixtures for certain type of digesters… You can see this as taking a multi-vitamin complex from your drug store. It is our standard mix for a type of application, for example for a food-waste digester, wastewater treatment plant digester or farm digester. 

We usually supply our trace elements in liquid form and in packaging from cannisters of 25 liters up to IBC’s of 1000 liters.