Biogas production can be a complex process with many different issues that can all be addressed in different ways. BiogasJG has an extensive network and expertise to help biogas plants meet these challenges. From biological advice to personal shopper, we will help you in any way we can. 

In the field of digestion, we can also provide other additives to deal with, for example, foaming problems or ammonia toxicity, etc. We can also give you our view on the biology, make analyses and give you a recommendation for dealing with the problems. We can also give you our view on the biology, do some analysis and give you recommendations to deal with the problems. Although this is not essential, it supports our overall service vision in which these services cannot be missed.

Also after the digester, in the digestate separation process, BiogasJG can provide a recently discovered polymer which, from early experience, has been shown to almost double the capacity of belt dryers to separate digestate. Although this is a completely new product, the experimental data from the field trials provide support for the implementation of this polymer.